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Consistency of Supply

Have you ever felt cheated or frustrated when you have a meal in a nice restaurant but look at the size of your portion compared to the table next to you? Well this frustration can occur in all sorts of situations within a your business, and unless you are aware of them, you could be losing valuable customers. We have all seen on TV how the Chef within a Michelin restaurant will stand at the Pass checking plate for uniformity and accuracy. This is because the reputation of the Chef, the restaurant and the entire brand will stand or fall on that plate or product. The Chef will have spent years if not decades refining  the menu, perfecting the restaurant and developing the brand, therefore during ‘service’ their most important job is to ensure consistency. Now think about this within your company, are you 100% sure that each customer is given the same high standards you demand?  If not or you think this can be improved why not take advantage of our free consultation to explore how we may be able to assist you. 


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