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Businesses can get wrapped up looking frantically for what makes them different from their competition. This often takes the traditional and predictable form of USP Unique Selling Point. We have all seen the brainstorming sessions of someone filling a flip chart full of ideas in an attempt to find the illusive ‘differentiator’. This method, means the business is merely looking outward, searching for selling points, and thereby reasons why the customer should buy.

Now switch the viewpoint, look at the issue from the customers angle and use UPB Unique Perceived Benefit. Each element of a product or service that you provide will have a unique benefit to your customer. Identify this and focus on each benefit and you will soon be matching your product or service to your customers’ needs and thereby giving them a reason to buy.  Want to know more about this approach and how it may benefit you business, then simply get in touch and take advantage of our free consultation.


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