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Your customer has so many choices, where to buy from, what to buy, whilst asking the questuon “am I getting value for money”, the list can go on and on.  And all with a level of uncertainty, asking the question “have I made the right choice”. 

So as marketeers and sales professionals we have to provide answers to alleviate these questions as they may result in reasons not to buy.  The origins of WIIFM… What’s In It For Me, are much debated, however for me, the theory originated in the IMAC sector, Installation Moves And Changes.  Picture this scenario, a business decides to relocate to a prime location but it’s some 20 miles away.  It’s a very costly move, however for the business it’s the right one and a huge amount of thought has gone into the planning and seeking the benefits are worthwhile.  However, there is one major issue that could pull all the planning apart… the staff.  If the workforce are unwilling to make the move then costs could escalate.  The associated costs to recruit, adequately train new staff would be both costly and potentially disrupt the entire business. 

So in this situation, this is where WIIFM comes into its own.  The business realises that it needs to sell the benefits of the move, in this position the selling needs to become personal and the benefits promoted.  So things that would make life better for them is highlighted such as; its location, better parking, improved facilities such as free gym and canteen etc. So in this example the business is matching the benefits of the move to the employees. So in practice, consider what your customer is actually looking for, what are their specific needs… What’s In It For Me.

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