The key to achieving success – Science – Psychology – Selling Techniques

97% of our decision making process is made within the sub-conscious part of the brain, knowing this and using it to maximise effect takes knowledge and experience. This is just one of the many ‘tricks’ that we use to ensure your website or video hits the right messages in all the right ways. Understanding the science, psychology and techniques behind selling means that we use a combination of stimulating and informative content, hi-res imagery that support the subject and positions it correctly into the minds of our guest. When you wrap all of this up into a sleek, professional video which uses a range of ‘triggers’ to inform and engage with our potential customer, then you are on to a winner.

Digital Marketing Strategies

For almost every business, getting your marketing strategy is vital. However, the priority has to be ensuring your Digital Strategy is not only fit for purpose, but will help accelerate your business goals. For us, each of these will be critical to whether your business is a success, or destined for failure. When we approach the task of creating a strategy, we firstly look to understand your business; who you are, what you do, and define your target market.

Everything from this point on is driven by our unparalleled marketing expertise, know how and experience. The output from this initial assessment is often used by our clients to aid the business, it’s structure and the way it approaches both marketing, promotions and more importantly how it engages with customers and the entire sales process. For the digital marketing strategy, we then consider two this. Firstly, is your digital footprint, this is every place that your business has a presence, this includes things like search engine listings, referral sites and trade specific referencing sites to name but a few. Secondly, and this is probably the most important is to map your customer journey, using the digital footprint as a start, we then look at every point and step that you are represented or engage with your customer. This analysis alone can significantly improve your sales performance along with how your customer evaluates you.

The final piece of the jigsaw evolves around your digital reputation, customers are directly influenced by other customers, therefore, time, know how and effort needs to be deployed to address any issues, even if your digital reputation is good it can always be improved. Once we have improved your ratings, these play a massive part in promoting your business and demonstrating to potential customers how other people rate you. Irrelevant of your business sector, this is proven to work and deliver measurable results.

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