The key to achieving success – Science – Psychology – Selling Techniques

97% of our decision making process is made within the sub-conscious part of the brain, knowing this and using it to maximise effect takes knowledge and experience. This is just one of the many ‘tricks’ that we use to ensure your website or video hits the right messages in all the right ways. Understanding the science, psychology and techniques behind selling means that we use a combination of stimulating and informative content, hi-res imagery that support the subject and positions it correctly into the minds of our guest. When you wrap all of this up into a sleek, professional video which uses a range of ‘triggers’ to inform and engage with our potential customer, then you are on to a winner.

Our holistic approach to Marketing

Being an entrepreneur and a business owner should present us with challenges that we have to overcome. There will be occasions when we all need external help and support, and this may come in the form of accountants, the legal profession or even through things like networking groups, although these can come with either a cost in terms of a financial hit or require your valuable time.

The rewards for our hard work and dedication should be within our grasp, however it’s sadly far too easy for our dreams to turn into nightmares, and our businesses that we nurtured and loved to become the source of all our problems.

When clients come to our marketing agency, we always mention that we take an holistic approach to marketing, this is typically met with either ‘raised eyebrows’ a look of ‘what, really’, however we explain it in this way.

No one in business is the ‘finished article’, no business owner knows everything, from time to time we all seek advice from those in a position of trust and expertise in their own specialism. When it come to marketing, even the title causes confusion to what the role of marketing does. We state that marketing is a mindset, it’s how we should think about our business as every action we take as business owners has a direct affect on it. You could say, ‘it’s like the butterfly effect’ that is, every action no matter how small has a direct baring on our business, good or bad.

Stress vs Pressure

It’s frustrating to see when business owners say they are under so much stress, surely that’s not what we started our businesses for. We want the rewards, but if those rewards begin to get further away, then we could enter a vicious circle. When we analyse this we should consider the difference between Stress and Pressure. Stress refers to the situation of too many demands and not enough resources, this could be time, money, energy or similar, to meet them. Whereas Pressure is a situation in which you perceive that something at stake is dependent on the outcome of your performance.

Step by Step

So our approach to holistic marketing is to look at the individual parts of the business analysing the Strengths and Weaknesses of each. Once we have this with our client, we can then look at ways to define what and where we need to make improvements. This could be the requirement for more leads and sales, better supply or delivery channels etc. Once these have been identified, there may be a needs to dig a little further, this is referred to as Root Cause Analysis, we may be seeing a point of failure and trying to fix this, however if we fail to identify the root cause of this which may be a couple of steps back in the chain, then we are simply going to see it happen over and over again.

Our next step is to set goals or objectives along with targets to fix each part and to set a timeline to achieve this. Periodic reviews can also be set. Our next step is to set a measurement, for each area of the business that we are focusing on we must define the target and how are we going to measure success. The final step of this repair process is to set Reviews, when are you going to revisit what you have done and how are you going to measure or rate/rank the performance of the business area.

THE MOST Important Part of your Business

The most critical part of your business is YOU! As the business owner your take responsibility for everything the business does. You can take the applause when things go well, however you are also the person that people turn to when things go wrong. Likewise, you are the driving force behind the business, you give it direction and focus. If you take advantage of our online course, you will see that we change how business owners think about marketing, we try to adjust your view to and understand that marketing is not the output it’s the spark that ignites everything that you do.

Holistic marketing simply looks at the whole package and as the business owner, you are the catalyst that for everything. If you are not ‘complete’ then the business is missing something and will always be like that until a change happens. If a change happens that is forced upon the business from an external source, then it’s not planned, and we have the butterfly effect which is outside of our control.

A good starting point for anyone who is keen to understand more about this approach can have a look at our Blog which explains the principles and benefits of a SWOT analysis.