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To deliver marketing effectively you need to first understand the basic principles. People struggle to explain and define ‘marketing’, even people within the industry often have difficulty explaining it. Some years ago we defined it simply as ‘Marketing should touch and influence every part of your business. In turn, marketing must be directly influenced by your customer’. We use these tried and tested principles to delivery social media marketing that delivers results.

Effective social media marketing doesn’t stop at just informing your customer, it can engage with them along with influencing your ‘call to action’. We use world leading software, customised imagery and professional video productions to enhance our your marketing content.

Our Services

Content Marketing

Not all social media platforms are the same, so we generate content that will be better absorbed by the target market who use each platform. The content will be developed from our understanding of your business and your service offering, we then create engaging brand messages and sell your values.

Brand Development

This is much more than having a recognised logo, developing a brand effectively relies on core marketing skills and deploying them in a digital arena. We will define your values and benefits and then incorporate these within your brand messages. This often has a positive effect within other areas of your business.

Video Marketing

Social media and websites that use video to promote a brand or a message are becoming more sophisticated and accessible. 92% of mobile video viewers share video content with others and ‘social video’ generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

Response Management

We can manage all responses quickly and professionally using our clients social voice. Alternatively, we can work closely with you, allowing you to respond where applicable with quotes or specific technical information etc. With our sophisticated software we ensure you never miss an opportunity.

Powerful Imagery

Having imagery that captures the user’s attention and works to supports the content marketing is vital. We have access to over 75 Million licenced hi-res images. Using our in-house design team we create branded imagery that will set you apart from your competition.

Digital Reputation

‘People’ trust ‘People’, the web along with social media platforms allow users to rate businesses and service, therefore it is critical that your reputation is managed and enhanced. We have the skills and knowledge to manage this aspect and build an online reputation that will help secure trust and thereby new business.

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The Greenroom Liverpool

Independent Pest Control & Hygiene Services

Woolton Dental

Social Media setup without ongoing monthly management is available upon request.

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